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The 10th Anniversary "2000 - 2010".

Greetings for "Legend of Chuck Norris" 10th Anniversary.

CHUCK NORRIS IS GREATEST MAN!! I am honored to announce that "Legend of Chuck Norris" is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary coming up on 1st of March 2010.

There was little activity of Chuck, and the web site administration showed a slight reduction recently, too. However, many Chuck's fans supported me and were able to arrive at 10 years and the big turning point. Chuck's fans, thank you very much.

The 10th anniversary memory title is a "THE LEGEND IS BACK" from the sales message of "THE CUTTER". While hoping that a Chuck appears to a movie and a drama again, I return to the origin once again, too and make a fan site and want to support the activity of Chuck Norris. I continue supporting Chuck Norris that is a hero of the eternity with enthusiasm for fans in the world from now on.

Finally, I thanks heartily Mr. Chuck Norris and his staff. Wherever Chuck Norris goes, Legend is born. Thank you very much.

Web Master : Teru.

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