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Chuck Norris Ultimate Fan Website.

The 2nd Anniversary

The legend is born by the true story....."The 2st Anniversary".
"Congratulation message from the friends in the world."

from Chucks Angels (Teru's best friend Pinky)
We would like to remind you of this upcoming event.
Teru's & Tika's Website Anniversary!
Date: Friday, March 1, 2002
Time: All Day
March 1st- Happy Anniversary to the BEST website on Chuck Norris in Japan!!!

from Mr. Ray Giberson
Teru and Tika, Congratulations on your second year website anniversary. Keep up the good work and looking forward to new and exciting things to come. Your friend in Florida,Ray "Chuck" Giberson

from Mrs. Mary Ann
I wanted to wish Teru and Chiko a happy second anniversary on their web site... Thank you so much for having it for us. This web site is a wonderful place to visit. Thanks again, I enjoy it LOTS!!!!!

from Mrs. Barbie
Teru & Tika's Legends of Chuck Norris is the best website for information on Chuck Norris that can be found on the computer or anywhere else for that matter. It is always updated with the newest information and they are always adding new things to the website. a very informative as well interesting website indeed!!! ...and I am proud to be a part of it in a very small way!!!'s a website I check out daily and sometimes even several times a day's a website that I show to all my friends's a website that I print part of it out and take to work to show all my colleagues other words it's a FANTASTIC website run by two FANTASTIC PEOPLE ...TERU & TIKA, and I'm proud to call them fellow Chucks Angels and equally as proud to call TIKA & TERU my friends!!! I love the two of you!!!!!!!!!!!!Luv ya, Barbie

from Ms. Camille
Happy Anniversay a job well done Teru and Chiko, this is a wonderful site and I glad to be a part of it.

from Mrs. April
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Tika & Teru on your two year website. Thank you both for having a terrific Chuck website and for thinking of the fans. God Bless,April

from Mrs. Angie
Tika & Teru, Congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary of your web site~ "Legend of Chuck Norris". You have done a fantastic job and we are all proud of you! Keep the news and events coming. Looking forward to another year.~~Angie from Chucks Angels

from Ms. Meme
tika & teru...congrad's on your anniversay...

from Ms. Nadia
Teru Happy Anniversay for your web-site ciao Nadia

from Mr. Ami
Congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary!

from Mr. Mite
Teru & everyone of this webiste, congratulations on our 2nd anniversary! We just hit the counter 30,000 a coule of days ago and now we have two things to celebrate! I'm honored to be a part of this family. Thank you and keep up with a tremendous work!

from Mrs. Yukiko
Congratulations on second anniversary of this website! I want to thank Teru, Tika and all othres who put efforts into making this place so fun! I truly enjoy myself when vising here! Who cares about how old I am? Nobody! Yes it happanes often that I go blush after I ask dumb questions or make remarks on the board that totally dont make any sense! But Here I am. that's me! I feel good to be considered a part of this website. I will surely be staying here for another year with you all.

from Mr. Jinichiro
Teru & all my fellow fans, congratulations on our 2nd anniversary! I hope this website gets bigger!! Thank you for making me a part of this group. Keep up with a good work!

from Mr. Ryu
Happy Anniversary folks!

from Mr. Yasuaki
Happy 2year anniversay! I'm a pretty new face to this site but I already know this is a very energetic place as just like Chuck himself is. Great job by the webmaster who puts a great effort on making it possible! Keep up with a good work and I look forward to anything new to be updated. To my fellow fans, why don't we stick all together and have fun?

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