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A [ 4th ] of One

Greetings for "Legend of Chuck Norris" 4th Anniversary.

I am honored to announce that "Legend of Chuck Norris" is going to celebrate its 4th anniversary coming up on 1st of March 2004. As a webmaster, I would like to deeply thank all of you Chuck's fans for continuous support and kind favor ever since I stared running this small website back in 2000.

It started merely as my private website out of my personal admiration for actor Chuck Norris. But throughout the years, to my surprise, it has captured many fans from all around the world and has become one of the most frequently visited Chuck's fan sites in the world. I have been always encouraged by many fans and friends I met here.

As you can see, I titled this celebration "A [ 4th ] of One" to rhyme with our favorite Chuck's film "A Force of One". It has been exciting four years for me and I am sure it will keep going as long as people come together and support Chuck.

In the next year I am hoping to bring some events on the website where people can actually join and communicate with other fans. I will update information whenever I come up with ideas. I truly appreciate your long lasting support and friendship. Thank you very much.

Web Master : Teru.

from The Official "Walker, Texas Ranger" merchandise. Walker Site Manager : Mrs. Pinkster
In behalf of, CONGRATULATIONS on your website's 4th Anniversary!!!

from Chucks Angels
We would like to remind you of this upcoming event. Teru's & Tika's Website Anniversary! Date: Monday, March 1, 2004 Time: All Day March 1st- Happy Anniversary to the BEST website on Chuck Norris in Japan!

from Chucks Angels Co-Moderator : Mrs. Barbie Graham
HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY (on March 1st) to one of my favorite websites!! Congrats on your 4th Anniversary of your wonderful and most informative website. 007 AKA: Teru is #1 when it comes to news on Chuck Norris and for the entire Chuck Norris family. I am honored to be part of your website staff and hope to continue to be with you and Tika for a long time. I'm also glad to have you & Tika as part of our Chucks Angels website too! After all where else would we get all our Chuck Norris news than from 007 (Alias Teru)!!!!! So once again from one CA to another CA~~~~~ Great website Teru!!!!! "Legend of Chuck Norris" rules!! #1!! Love and Best Wishes.

from The Official Aaron Norris Fan Club President : Ms. Marisa Smith
I would like to give you many congratulations on your accomplishment of 4 years as a website. That is a very long time to have a website running, and a good one at that. You should be proud of your accomplishments...

from The Official Aaron Norris Fan Club Representative of the U.S.A Eastern Coast : Mrs. Mary Ann Mousley
Congrats on the upcoming anniversary of this wonderful web site... I have really enjoyed being on here in the past, and will in the future... thank you Teru and Tika for such a great job... Chuck is the greatest!!!!

from Spain - Writer & Translator : Mr. Fernando Alonso Barahona
Four years for the great chuck norris page . A joy for all norris fans in the world. good luck for next many years

from America : Mrs. April Davila
CONGRADULATIONS Teru & Tika! You both have done a TERRIFIC job regarding your website. It is my FAVORITE Chuck site. Keep up the GREAT work! LOVE the pictures!

from America : Ms. Lisa
Hi, congrats on 4 years of Chuck Norris. It's great that your sight is so well loved.

from America : Ms. Meme
tika & teru.. congrad's on the 4th anniversary.. continue the great work.

from America : Mrs. Angie
Happy 4th Anniversary! Hope there will be many more years to come!

from Japan : Mrs. Yukiko
Congratulations on 4th annniversary of Legend of Chuck Norris. And one more thing to celebrate; Chuck's birthday coming up very soon!! I am so pleased to have become a part of this wonderful website, which always remind me to go back to basic. I often feel that a part of my mental self may be rooted in American woman, despite my apperance though... because I share a lot of things with Amrican female fans such as admiration and respect for Chuck Norris.

from America : Mrs. Cindi
YEA! 4 Years now! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to four more years!!!

from France : Mrs. Magali
Hi Teru & Tika! Congratulation for your site; it's one of the very best that i know! Already 4 years and hope many others. Happy Anniversary!!

from Japan : Mr. Mura-yan
Teru, congratulations on your 4th anniversary!

from England : Mr. David
Congratulations on your 4th year great site all the best.

from Japan : Mr. Shiratama
Congratulations on your anniversary. I want you to keep up great work and to provide us with a lot of information and your knowledge. Whenever I am down, I encourage myself by watching Chuck's films, just like you do, Teru.

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