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Birth Name Carlos Ray Norris Jr
Birth Day March.10 1940
Birth City Ryan, Oklahoma, U.S.A
Height 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Profile Chuck Norris was born in 1940, as the eldest of three children to a father Ray, who is a part Cherokee Indian and to a mother Wilma, an Irish English. Younger Brother Wieland was born on 12th July, 1943(-1970) and the youngest Aaron was born on 23rd Nov, 1951. When Chuck was 12, Parents divorced and he moved to California from Oklahoma with mother and brothers, where he helped his mother raise younger brothers.
In 1958, after graduating high school, Chuck wedded his high school sweetheart Diane Holechek. They would be together for 30 years until 1988, when they divorced. After joining Air Force, Chuck was sent to Korea, where he encountered local Tong Son Do (later known as karate) for the first time in his life and began training. During 3 years in Korea, he started to be called "Chuck".
In 1962, Chuck returned to the U.S. and started teaching karate besides working full time for Northrop Aviation. Two years later Chuck had his own karate school that later successfully expanded nation wide and had many big name students including Steve McQueen, Priscilla Presley & Michael Landon.
In 1963, the first son Mike was born, in 1964 a daughter Dina was born and in 1965 the second son Eric was born. During a period from 1964 to 1968, Chuck had won numerous titles in Karate competition and became national Champion. In 1968 he became the Professional World Middleweight Karate Champion, he would have held the title undefeated until he retired in 1974. In 1969 he earned the Triple Crown for the highest number of tournament wins, and was named Fighter of the Year by Black Belt magazine. In 1964, at a demonstration in Long Beach, he met the man who would go on to change his life Bruce Lee and then started engaging in acting business.
In 1968, Chuck made his film debut in Dean Martin's "The Wrecking Crewle". In 1972 invited by Bruce Lee, Chuck co-starred as the top fighting villain in "The Way of the Dragon". In 1974 encouraged by his karate student Steve McQueen to become more serious in acting, Chuck began taking acting lessons by well known MGM drama coach. Chuck gradually established his original film style by incorporating all his karate skills and martial arts knowledge.
Since Chuck starred in "Breaker Breaker!" in 1977, he had been doing his action scenes all on his own without having stunts taking over his role no matter how dangerous it seemed to be. In 1983 and 1984, "Lone Wolf McQuade" and "Missing in Action" earned commercial box office and Chuck consecutively starred in "Code of Silence" on Orion Pictures, furthermore "Missing in Action 2: The Beginning", "Invasion U.S.A", "The Delta Force", "Firewalker", "Braddock:Missing In Action 3" and "Hero And The Terror" on Cannon films around those years. He became a top star of Cannon films which equalled Charles Bronson. Chuck became one of the first and best money making actors with martial arts backgrounds in Hollywood and inspired a number of his followers who looked up to him and aimed to be like him.
In 1992, Chuck creation "KICKSTART KIDS Foundation" a nonprofit organization to help battle drugs and violence in schools through the use of martial arts.
From 1993 to 2001 Chuck starred as a leading role in CBS's popular series "Walker, Texas Ranger". In 1998 established "Norris Brothers Entertainment" with a brother Aaron. In May 2001, "Walker Texas Ranger" ended its last season after 8 years.
On 28th Nov, 1998, married a former model Gena O'Kelley. The couple had twins Dakota Alan (boy) and Danilee Kelly (girl) on 30th Aug, 2001.

A genuine internet phenomenon, Norris has become the subject of countless Paul Bunyan-type fictional "facts" of his exploits, submitted by fans. There are currently more than a million such "facts" floating around the internet. In November of 2009, he came out with The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book, focusing on 101 of his favorite facts and stories.
A very popular public speaker, Norris is a strong supporter of the NRA, supporting our 2nd amendment rights and was named Honorary Chairman of the NRA's, "Trigger the Vote" campaign and has served as spokesperson for agencies such as The United Way and The Veterans Administration. Norris, an Air Force veteran, was named an Honorary Member of the Marine Corps in 2007, which was an incredible honor demonstrating the appreciation the Corps felt for his two "hand shake" tours of Iraq within a one year period.
Chuck appeared in all-stars movie "The Expendables 2" of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Jean-Claude Van Damme and others as a special guest in 2012.

1964-1970Won numerous titles in Karate tournaments
1969 Black Belt Magazine: Fighter of the Year
1975 Black Belt Magazine: Instructor of the Year
1977 Black Belt Magazine: Man of the Year
1982 Special Award Action Star of the Year
1985 Taurus World Stunt Awards: Stuntman of the Year
1989 Motion Picture Star on the Walk of Fame
1991 World Off Shore Powerboat Champion
1991 38foot Scarab boat 605miles across the Great Lakes Champion
1992 Special Award International Box Office Star of the Year
1997 Special Award Texas Legend
1997 8th degree Black Belt Grand Master
1997-1999BMI TV Music Award
1998 Best Christian Program(Walker, Texas Ranger)
1999 Nominee for Favorite Actor in a Drama
1999 Martial Arts Hall of Fame
2000 Celebrity Wish Granter of the Year
2001 Veteran of the Year
2001 Golden Boot Award
2001 Ocean State Grand Nationals Hall of Fame
2007 Honorary United States Marine
2008 Honorary Doctorate of Humanities Degree
2009 Business Award McLane Leadership
2010 Lifetime Achievement Award
2010 Honorary Texas Ranger
2011 7th annual Texas Public Schools Friend of the Year award
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FatherRay Norris
MotherWilma Scarberry
BrotherWieland Norris (Die in 1970 on Vietnam)
BrotherAaron Norris
Ex WifeDianne Holecheck (29 December 1958 - 1989)
WifeGena O'Kelly (28 November 1998 - present)
SonMike Norris
SonEric Norris
SonDakota Alan Norris
DaughterDanilee Kelley Norris
DaughterDina DiCiolli

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