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Box Office

No.TITLERelease YearGross(US$)
1Missing in Action1984$22,812,000
2Code of Silence1985$20,345,000
3A Force of One1979$20,166,000
4The Octagon1980$18,971,000
5Good Guys Wear Black1979$18,328,000
6Invasion U.S.A.1985$17,536,000
8The Delta Force1986$17,005,599
9Lone Wolf McQuade1983$12,200,000
11Missing in Action 2: The Beginning1985$10,000,000
12Silent Rage1982$10,000,000
13Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold1990$6,698,000
14Braddock: Missing In Action 31988$6,193,000
15Hero and the Terror1988$5,301,000
16Top Dog1995$5,093,000
17The Hitman1991$4,654,288
18Forced Vengeance1982$4,388,500

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