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Code Ninja

Code Ninja
Title : Code Ninja
Year : 2014
Release Date : TBA
Country : USA(Big Screen Entertainment Group)
Filming Locations :
Shooting Date : TBA
Official Website : "Code Ninja" official website.
Production Company : Big Screen Entertainment Group

Tagline :
Information : The Hunt for the Black Diamond - A family film and adventure franchise which we will begin shooting this summer. We intend to develop this film into a series of four films and merchandize its characters and themes. The first film is privately financed and will be released and distributed through Big Screen Distribution.
Synopsis : Code Ninja is the story of five teenage ninjas with special powers who make up an elite fighting force. Lead by their mysterious leader Mr. X, and the lovable, and somewhat bumbling, General Markov, the Code Ninja team must rescue Princess Harmony, protector of the magical black diamond from the evil force known as The Red Marah.
William Shatner ....
Seth Green ....
Carmen Electra ....
Chuck Norris ....
Michael Manaserri .... Director

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