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News Flash 2016

 November 21, 2016

Chuck Norris in "Blood Brothers", directed by Isaac Florentine.
Title : Blood Brothers
Year : 2017
Release Date : TBA
Country : South Africa & USA(Halfman Halfleopard Filmworks/Productions)
Filming Locations : Botswana(South Africa) and Los Angeles
Shooting Date : TBA
Director : Isaac Florentine
Cast : Chuck Norris, Michael Jai White, Richard Norton, Anton Kasabov, Taemi K Kim
Producer : Sebati Edward Mafate
Synopsis : The story unfolds in Maun, where there is an ardent manhunt for the abominable poacher Swahili(Henry Obama) and his henchmen(Ricardo Mokwena) who are hunted by the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) for their crimes. We are then brought to the main theme of the film, which is awareness of wildlife slaughter for personal financial gain with the idea being to shed light on the horrors of poaching.

Through the series of events we see the two brothers one black another white (Michael Jai White and Anton Kasabov) caught up in a chain of poaching, murder, robbery, political conspiracy and the fight for their lives. They flee Botswana to Los Angeles to seek refuge from their uncle(Chuck Norris). There they get entangled in a plot to assassinate a man who is running for governor the assassin(Taemi K Kim).

News : Norris, who is not only an actor but a film producer, screenwriter and martial arts pro, will star in "Blood Brothers", an anti-poaching film set in Botswana and written and produced by Sebati Edward Mafate. Blood Brothers will uncover the war between the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) and poachers. Being an independent film, Norris and other Hollywood actors will play a few roles and most of the roles will be dominated by Batswana according to the producers of the film.

The California based Mafate was born in Zambia but raised in Botswana and South Africa and is well known for the film, "Black Cobra" (2012) which was directed by Scott Donovan and Lilly Melgar. "Black Cobra" film is the story of one man who travels across country, smuggling illegal black diamonds to sell in order to pay for his father's pardon in South Africa. When he arrives in the United States to finalize what appeared to be a simple transaction he is soon double-crossed and becomes caught up in a contraband forcing him to overcome an opponent far more lethal and deadlier than he has ever met.

Co- producers of Blood Brothers, who will also feature in prominent roles in the film, Ricardo Mokwena and Imani Seboni confirmed that even though it was difficult to agree with the 76 year old Norris, he finally agreed to film in Botswana. The film will be directed by "Undisputed" Director Isaac Florentine. Florentine is an Israeli-born film director. He is best known for his martial arts and action genre films, namely "Undisputed II: Last Man Standing" (2006), "Undisputed III: Redemption" (2010), "Ninja" (2009), "Ninja: Shadow of a Tear" (2013) and "Close Range" (2015) and for launching the career of British actor Scott Adkins.

The producers could not tell the exact date of the commencement of the production but said they have proposed for some extra funding of the project from the government. They promised that unlike other Hollywood films that have been shot before theirs is different, as it will give more Batswana leading roles. "This is more like taking Botswana to Hollywood not the other way round," said Mokwena.

In 2006 Anthony Minghella directed the first Hollywood film in Botswana, The number 1 Ladies Detective Agency better known as Mma Ramotswe starring American actress Jill Scott. The nation is waiting again in anticipation after Amma Asante pulled yet another Hollywood affair in the film titled "United Kingdom", starring American actors David Oyelowo and Rosemund Pike.

Asante's "A United Kingdom" is an epic true story of the sweeping interracial love that shook the British establishment which will be produced by German- born American Producer, Rick McCallum of "Star Wars". Norris has starred in such action films as "Return of the Dragon" and "Missing in Action". He also starred on the hit TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger".

He made more of an impact on movie-goers in 1972's "Way of the Dragon" (also known as "Return of the Dragon" in the United States). One of the highlights of the film was a fight scene between Norris and martial arts action star Bruce Lee, staged in the famed Roman Colosseum. In 1977, Norris had his first starring role in the action film "Breaker! Breaker!".
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 October 28, 2016

Chuck Norris has designed this limited edition "Chuck Yeah!" shirt for all of you! Show off your American pride with this tee. All proceeds go to KickStart Kids, his foundation that teaches children character through karate, so they can live happy and healthy lives.
Get yours at

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 August 13, 2016

The actor known for his martial arts and roles in Walker Texas Ranger and The Expendables was in Salt Lake CIty with the hosts of the Discovery series Diesel Brothers. They invited Chuck out for the opening of a new Maverik store on California Avenue.

"I don't normally do reality shows, but when I was invited to do the show, I said, these are my kind of guys. and if I'm going to do anything like this, this would be the show I would do. So I came up here and I'm no unimpressed. these guys are incredible guys," said Norris. The Diesel Brothers are friends who live in Utah that own a specialty Diesel Shop and even design their own vehicles.

The episode of Diesel Brothers with Chuck Norris will air on November on Discovery. This all came together because one of the guys on the Diesel Brothers drives the official Maverik truck. The store surprised Chuck Norris by announcing it is now carrying his bottled water brand C-Force Water.
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 July 28, 2016

Greatly expanded original soundtrack from action-packed Chuck Norris sequel! Younger brother Aaron Norris directs, Lee Reynolds scripts, Chuck leads with able support from John P. Ryan, Paul Perri, Richard Jaeckel, Billy Drago, Cannon Films presents. South American drug cartels are the targets of Norris and team with murder, corruption and vengeance in tow. Frederic Talgorn approached the violent tale with an interesting twist: Electronics and percussion color the suspense, locale and grim elements while full-blooded symphony orchestra plays for the heroics, adding muscle to key sequences. Budgetary needs made the trade between orchestra and synthesizers a necessity but Talgorn made the most of both ensembles. Strings in tragic, minor-key mode bring pain to "Bobby Finds Dead Family", rousing orchestral dazzle dazzle plays for energetic training sequences ("The Bear Pit","Training Montage"), strings alone with emphasis on extreme registers offer intensity to "Hector And Bobby Die", orchestra and electronics meld for soaring launch to "Chuck Parachutes In". Action highlight: ten minute "The Chase", with riveting synthesizers propelling the music into and out of the deadly high-speed action scene. Hang on! Yet another element of Talgorn's score is the exotic color of ethnic flute over percussion and synths spotlighting the mountain and jungle backdrops, particularly a perilous cliff-climbing sequence. Talgorn leads with a heroic fanfare-theme in bright major keys, using it judiciously until the Delta Force tackle the enemy in climactic combat. Highlighting this layer of the music is the second portion of the lengthy "Stranglehold Is A Go". Three years after the film opened, a 39-minute soundtrack was released, produced by the composer in two lengthy suites, one of just orchestra highlights, the other of electronic sequences, plus the closing song written by Talgorn with Harriet Schock. To present the entire 76-minute score on CD 1, Intrada went back to the original Dolby SR-encoded two track mix masters made by engineer Doug Botnick (brother of legendary scoring mixer Bruce Botnick). CD 2 offers the 1993 program as edited and produced by the composer. All master elements were vaulted by MGM in pristine condition. Informative notes by Daniel Schweiger, colorful flipper booklet cover design by Kay Marshall. Orchestral score recorded in Paris, France. Frederic Talgorn conducts Orchestre Symphonique D'Europe. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!
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 Jun 25, 2016

Laura Michelle- "Chuck Norris" OFFICIAL VIDEO.

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 January 10, 2016

Olive Films have confirmed that they are planning to add to their Blu-ray catalog "Breaker! Breaker!" (1977). The release in 22 March 2016 for the american market.
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