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The Novice

Chuck Norris in 'The Novice'
Title : The Novice
Year : 2014
Release Date : TBA
Country : USA(Tayrona Films)
Filming Locations : Houston, Texas, USA
Shooting Date : TBA
Official Website :
Production Company : Tayrona Entertainment Studios
Production Company : DragonTree Media
Distributor Company : Corsan World Sales
Tagline : "He doesn't need a weapon. He is one."
Synopsis : A young man, who has his whole life planned out, befriends his neighbor unaware that he's a legendary Hit man who now has a price on his head. With assassins trying to kill "the legend" so they can make a name for themselves, the young man realizes the Hit man is not only trying to save the young man's life but is training him to take over his deadly profession as a Hit man.
Chuck Norris .... Edgar
Aaron Norris .... Director
Dean Alioto .... Writer
Cory Tynan .... Writer(rewrite)
Chuck Norris .... Executive Producer
Aaron Norris .... Executive Producer
James Ordonez .... Executive Producer
Cory Tynan .... Executive Producer
Rick Tucker .... Co-Executive Producer
John Lang .... Co-Executive Producer
Henry Holmes .... Co-Executive Producer
Dean Hamilton .... Producer
Jim Townsend .... Producer
Alicia Rivera Frankl .... Supervising Producer

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