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Fan Fictions - "Samurai"

Title : "SAMURAI"
Original Story by Teru.
English translation by Aya.

[Main Theme]: Revenge to Japanese Crime Organization(Yakuza) by being killed his wife and child.
[Characters Description]

[A]: American Secret Agent in DEA(Drug Enforcement Administration)
Originator strongly recommends Chuck Norris would play this role Grown up in Japan and found strong interest in Japanese Martial Arts during his youth. Through practice and interaction with a master, he internalized The philosophy of martial arts and sprits of SAMURAI. Returned to US with his wife, whom he met in Japan and became a police officer by leveraging his expertise on Martial Arts. In the circumstances of increased crime by Japanese crime organization, he recruited as a special agent as undercover of drug treading, by being recognized his strong performance as a police officer and his knowledge in Japan.

[B]: Japanese Police Officer
Young and prominent officer in Japan Police Organization. He is bringing himself up the career ladder by being dedicated to play the expected role by supervisor and avoids the conflict by giving up his opinion and respecting harmony in the organization. He will be assigned to co work with A for an investigation of Japanese crime organization.
[Story]: In Chicago, American agent worked as an undercover to investigate the drug crime by Japanese Organization, but his undercover is leaked by some source and he received a Black Mail of threatening the life of his wife and child unless he stopped the investigation. He did not turn in the black mail.
One day, he returned from his investigation and faced the scene where one Japanese man was killing his wife and child. American agent was out from undercover to identify the guy and pay him back. He found out the Japanese guy was a rising star in Japanese crime organization by drug trade between Japan and US and was promoted to become one of heads (Waka gashira) and returned to Japan. American agent succeeded in persuading DEA to send him to Japan to proceed the investigation of Japanese crime organization. Japan Police Organization did not welcome American's involvement in investigation, and assigned a young officer as a watch dog to Agent not to bring up the underground crime into public eye's with being afraid of being labeled as incompetent. American agent proceeds his investigation in his way, which was not often taken as appropriate by Japan Police. Japanese officer tried to stop him not to make Japan Police angry and not to make his future difficult.
American agent often had quarrels with Japanese officer, but one day he confessed why he had so passionate in destruction of drug crime and Japanese Crime Organization: his wife and child was killed by Japanese Crime Organization. After knowing American Agent's motive, Japanese officer gradually changed his behavior to agent and even protected him from prosecution of his malevolence from Japan Police. One day they hit an important information on next drug deal. But Japan Police stopped them to follow the information unless they got an approval from upper organization. American agent could not let the opportunity go, and he decided to quit being an agent to go on the scene of drug deal.
He thought back what his master once told him in his youth about Samurai and pushed him forward to face the fight. Japanese officer struggled between his compassion to agent and his position in Japan Police, but finally he decided not to follow American agent. American headed for the scene of drug crime with the photo of his wife and child by himself. On the day of drug deal, Japanese officer decided to go and joined American agent.
They sneaked in the storage yard, where drug deal would be held and got into the fought to stop the drug deal. During the fight, head of organization sneaked behind them and pointed the gun at American agent.
Japanese officer notices his movement and tried to stop but got himself being killed by bullets. American agent was furious and run after the head whose gun run out of bullets.
Finally he reached the head and fought unarmed against the head, who is now drawing his sword (katana). Being slashed by sharp sword, yet American agent hit him back repeatedly with all the anger and sadness he has, one for his wife, one for his child and one for his friend, Japanese officer. American agent, at last minute succeeded to stop the sword with his both bear hands, broke it into half, and stabbed the head deeply into his chest. He finally completed his revenge.
[Scene change] American agents returned to US and sent the flower for the tombs of his wife and child.

The End.

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