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Sons of Thunder

Sons of Thunder
Title : Sons of Thunder
Year : 1999
First Date : March 6, 1999
Finale Date : April 17, 1999
Country : USA (CBS)
Creators : Chuck Norris & Aaron Norris
Production Company : Norris Brothers Entertainment
Production Company : CBS Television Studios

Synopsis : "Sons of Thunder" is spinoff series of "Walker,Texas Ranger". The series followed the adventures of two young private detectives in the city of Dallas. In the pilot Carlos leaves DPD and joins Trent as they open a detective agency. The two rent space above a club owned by ex-prize fighter Butch McMann. Butch, a kind hearted soul who was once a P.I himself,is always ready to help out.

Regular Cast
James Wlcek .... Trent Malloy
Marco Sanchez .... Carlos Sandoval
Alan Autry .... Butch McMann
Dawn Maxey .... Kim Sutter
Neil Giuntoli .... Detective Ryan
Judson Mills .... Francis Gage (Season 8 - 9)
Nia Peeples .... Sydney Cooke (Season 8 - 9)
Semi Regular Cast
Chuck Norris .... Sgt. Cordell Walker
Sheree J. Wilson .... Alexandra 'Alex' Cahill
Clarence Gilyard .... Sgt. James 'Jimmy' Trivette


Well, you'll find the Sons of Thunder
Underneath the Texas skies
And the spirit that was Thunder
Is shining in their eyes

I hear Thunder
Calling as it rolls
They're quick as Texas lightning
They've got Thunder in their souls

I hear Thunder...

 Season 1 (March 6, 1999 - April 17, 1999)
Episode No.Episode TitleOriginal Airdate
1.1Moment of Truth6-Mar-1999
1.2Fighting Back13-Mar-1999
1.3Daddy's Girl20-Mar-1999
1.4Lost & Found3-Apr-1999
1.6Thunder by Your Side17-Apr-1999

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