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Chuck Norris Ultimate Fan Website.

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I thank all of you heartily.

Anytime, my life inspire by Mr. Chuck Norris.
Wherever Chuck Norris goes, "The Legend" is born.
Thank you very much.

Web Master : Teru.

2nd Fiddle Entertainment.
Mr. Mike Norris (Actor & Director, Chuck's Son) & Staff

Norris Products, Inc.
Mrs. Stephanie Norris (Chuck's daughter-in-law) & Staff

Pinky (Teru's best friend)

Mr. Jan Michael Shultz (Stunt & Actor, Representative work : Braddock: Missing In Action 3)

Norris Film Works.

Media World Studios.
Mr. Alin Bijan(Producer & Director)
Cooperation in "Bells of Innocence".

Lions Gate Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Cooperation in "The Expendables 2".

Mr. Tirk Wilder (Signer/Songwriter)
"Walker, Texas Ranger" Theme Song

Mr. Tim Eberly (Photographer)
Cooperation in "The Cutter".

Ms. Marisa Smith

Fight Club in ISRAEL
Master Ori Zvi

Mr. Ray Charles Giberson (Look a like "Chuck Norris")

Mrs. Katrina Cook (Casting Director)
Cooperation in "Bells of Innocence".

Nahoko Kimura Official Website.
Ms. Nahoko Kimura(Film critic famous in Japan)

Mr. Kimidori (Fan of Chuck Norris which is the most enthusiastic in Japan)

Mr. K.T (Support of YouTube Channel)

Mr. Monaco (Support of Photo Gallery)

Mr. B HitMan (Support of Photo Gallery)

CHUCKS ANGELS ("Chuck Norris" fan group)
Mrs. Mary Ann
Mrs. Barbie Graham
Mr. Tim Graham
Mrs. Angie
Ms. Camille Stella
Mrs. April Davila
Mrs. Rita Frisone

Mrs. Dianne Bittenbender

Mrs. Magali

Mr. Julio Hernandez

Ricky & Brenda & Jared & Janna Norris Family

Kuri-Kuri Circle
Mrs. Yukiko & All Members

Mrs. Asuka(Fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme which is the most enthusiastic in Japan)

Albatros Co.,Ltd
Cooperation in "The Cutter" Japanese Version.

Spo Inc.
Cooperation in "Logan's War: Bound By Honor" Japanese Version.

Maxam Inc.
Cooperation in "The President's Man" Japanese Version.

Inter Film Co.,Ltd
Cooperation in "The President's Man: A Line in The Sand " Japanese Version.

All our fellow Mr. Chuck Norris fans in the world.

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