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Walker, Texas Ranger

Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger
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Title : Walker, Texas Ranger
Year : 1993 - 2001
First Date : April 21, 1993
Finale Date : May 19, 2001
Country : USA (CBS)
Production Company : Top Kick Productions
Production Company : Norris Brothers Entertainment
Production Company : The Ruddy Greif Company
Production Company : Amadea Film Productions
Distributors : Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)

Synopsis : Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, he is one of the last old-fashioned heroes of the West. Drawing on the customs of his Native American ancestors and the rugged traditions of the Old West, Walker is on a relentless crusade for truth and honor. Along with his partner James Trivette, county assistant district attorney Alex Cahill, and retired Ranger C.D. Parker, Walker and the Rangers ride on in their battle to serve justice.

Regular Cast
Chuck Norris .... Sgt. Cordell Walker
Sheree J. Wilson .... Alexandra 'Alex' Cahill
Clarence Gilyard .... Sgt. James 'Jimmy' Trivette
Noble Willingham .... C.D. Parker (Season 1 - 8)
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman .... Uncle Ray Firewalker (Season 1 - 2)
Judson Mills .... Francis Gage (Season 8 - 9)
Nia Peeples .... Sydney Cooke (Season 8 - 9)


In the Eyes of a Ranger
The unsuspecting stranger
Had better know the truth of wrong from right

Cause the eyes of the Ranger are upon you
Anything you do he's gonna see
So when you're in Texas look behind you
Cause that's where the Rangers gonna be

Theme Song performed by Chuck Norris
Theme music by Tirk Wilder

Special Thanks Mr. Tirk Wilder.

 Pilot Season (April 21, 1993 - May 1, 1993)
Episode No.Episode TitleOriginal Airdate
Pilot.1One Riot, One Ranger Pt.121-Apr-1993
Pilot.2One Riot, One Ranger Pt.221-Apr-1993
Pilot.4A Shadow in the Night1-May-1993

 Season 1 (September 25, 1993 - May 21, 1994)
Episode No.Episode TitleOriginal Airdate
1.2Storm Warning2-Oct-1993
1.3In the Name of God30-Oct-1993
1.4Crime Wave Dave6-Nov-1993
1.5End Run13-Nov-1993
1.6Family Matters20-Nov-1993
1.7She'll Do To Ride the River With24-Nov-1993
1.8Unfinished Business27-Nov-1993
1.9An Innocent Man4-Dec-1993
1.10Night of the Gladiator11-Dec-1993
1.11The Legend of Running Bear8-Jan-1994
1.12Something in the Shadows, Pt.115-Jan-1994
1.13Something in the Shadows, Pt.222-Jan-1994
1.14On Deadly Ground29-Jan-1994
1.15Right Man, Wrong Time5-Feb-1994
1.16The Prodigal Son5-Mar-1994
1.17The Committee12-Mar-1994
1.18Deadly Vision26-Mar-1994
1.20The Long Haul9-Apr-1994
1.22Deadly Reunion Pt.114-May-1994
1.23Deadly Reunion Pt.214-May-1994
1.24Stolen Lullaby21-May-1994

 Season 2 (September 24, 1994 - May 13, 1995)
Episode No.Episode TitleOriginal Airdate
2.1Badge of Honor24-Sep-1994
2.3Silk Dreams8-Oct-1994
2.5Till Death Do Us Part22-Oct-1994
2.6Rainbow Warriors5-Nov-1994
2.7The Road to Black Bayou Pt.119-Nov-1994
2.8The Road to Black Bayou Pt.219-Nov-1994
2.9Line of Fire26-Nov-1994
2.11Tiger's Eye17-Dec-1994
2.12The Big Bingo Bamboozle5-Jan-1995
2.13Money Train14-Jan-1995
2.14Mean Streets28-Jan-1995
2.16War Zone Pt.111-Feb-1995
2.17War Zone Pt.211-Feb-1995
2.18Trust No One18-Feb-1995
2.19Blue Movies25-Feb-1995
2.20On Sacred Ground11-Mar-1995
2.21Case Closed29-Apr-1995
2.22Flashback Pt.16-May-1995
2.23Flashback Pt.26-May-1995
2.24Standoff Pt.113-May-1995
2.25Standoff Pt.213-May-1995

 Season 3 (September 23, 1995 - May 18, 1996)
Episode No.Episode TitleOriginal Airdate
3.1Blown Apart23-Sep-1995
3.2Deep Cover30-Sep-1995
3.3The Guardians7-Oct-1995
3.4Collision Course14-Oct-1995
3.5Point After21-Oct-1995
3.6Evil in the Night4-Nov-1995
3.7Final Justice11-Nov-1995
3.8The Lynching18-Nov-1995
3.9Whitewater, Pt.125-Nov-1995
3.10Whitewater, Pt.22-Dec-1995
3.11The Covenant9-Dec-1995
3.15The Return of Larue3-Feb-1996
3.16The Juggernaut10-Feb-1996
3.17El Coyote, Pt.117-Feb-1996
3.18El Coyote, Pt.224-Feb-1996
3.19The Avenger2-Mar-1996
3.20Behind the Badge23-Mar-1996
3.23The Siege27-Apr-1996
3.24The Moscow Connection4-May-1996
3.25Miracle at Middle Creek11-May-1996
3.26Hall of Fame18-May-1996

 Season 4 (September 21, 1996 - May 17, 1997)
Episode No.Episode TitleOriginal Airdate
4.1High Power21-Sep-1996
4.3Ghost Rider5-Oct-1996
4.4The Brotherhood12-Oct-1996
4.7Codename: Dragonfly2-Nov-1996
4.8A Silent Cry9-Nov-1996
4.9Swan Song16-Nov-1996
4.12The Deadliest Man Alive14-Dec-1996
4.13A Ranger Christmas21-Dec-1996
4.15Last Hope18-Jan-1997
4.16Full Contact1-Feb-1997
4.1799th Ranger8-Feb-1997
4.18Devil's Turf15-Feb-1997
4.19Days Past22-Feb-1997
4.20Trial of LaRue8-Mar-1997
4.21Heart of the Dragon5-Apr-1997
4.22The Neighborhood26-Apr-1997
4.23A Father's Image3-May-1997
4.24Sons of Thunder, Pt.14-May-1997
4.25Sons of Thunder, Pt.24-May-1997
4.26Texas v. Cahill10-May-1997

 Season 5 (September 27, 1997 - May 16, 1998)
Episode No.Episode TitleOriginal Airdate
5.1The Fighting McLains27-Sep-1997
5.3Lucas, Pt.111-Oct-1997
5.4Lucas, Pt.218-Oct-1997
5.5Forgotten People25-Oct-1997
5.6Last of a Breed, Pt.11-Nov-1997
5.7Last of a Breed, Pt.28-Nov-1997
5.9Mr. Justice22-Nov-1997
5.10Rainbow's End6-Dec-1997
5.11A Woman's Place13-Dec-1997
5.12Small Blessings20-Dec-1997
5.14Saving Grace10-Jan-1998
5.15Money Talks17-Jan-1998
5.16The Crusader31-Jan-1998
5.17In God's Hands28-Feb-1998
5.19Everyday Heroes21-Mar-1998
5.22The Soul of Winter25-Apr-1998
5.23Circle of Life2-May-1998
5.24Test of Faith9-May-1998
5.25The Wedding, Pt.116-May-1998

 Season 6 (September 26, 1998 - May 22, 1999)
Episode No.Episode TitleOriginal Airdate
6.1The Wedding, Pt.226-Sep-1998
6.3Royal Heist10-Oct-1998
6.4War Cry17-Oct-1998
6.5Code of the West24-Oct-1998
6.6The Children of Halloween31-Oct-1998
6.8Second Chance14-Nov-1998
6.9Paradise Trail21-Nov-1998
6.10Eyes of a Ranger5-Dec-1998
6.11On the Border12-Dec-1998
6.12Lost Boys9-Jan-1999
6.13Special Witness16-Jan-1999
6.14The Principal6-Feb-1999
6.15Team Cherokee, Pt.113-Feb-1999
6.16Team Cherokee, Pt.220-Feb-1999
6.18No Way Out24-Apr-1999
6.19Brothers in Arms1-May-1999
6.20Mind Games8-May-1999
6.21Power Angels15-May-1999
6.22Jacob's Ladder15-May-1999
6.23In Harm's Way, Pt.122-May-1999

 Season 7 (September 25, 1999 - May 20, 2000)
Episode No.Episode TitleOriginal Airdate
7.1In Harm's Way, Pt.225-Sep-1999
7.3Safe House9-Oct-1999
7.4Way of the Warrior16-Oct-1999
7.5Tall Cotton23-Oct-1999
7.6The Lynn Sisters30-Oct-1999
7.7Suspicious Minds6-Nov-1999
7.8Widow Maker13-Nov-1999
7.9Fight or Die20-Nov-1999
7.10Rise to the Occasion27-Nov-1999
7.11Full Recovery11-Dec-1999
7.12A Matter of Faith18-Dec-1999
7.13Vision Quest8-Jan-2000
7.14A Matter of Principle15-Jan-2000
7.16Justice Delayed12-Feb-2000
7.17The Day of Cleansing19-Feb-2000
7.18Black Dragons26-Feb-2000
7.19Soldiers of Hate18-Mar-2000
7.20The General's Return8-Apr-2000
7.21Showdown at Casa Diablo, Pt.129-Apr-2000
7.22Showdown at Casa Diablo, Pt.26-May-2000
7.23The Bachelor Party13-May-2000
7.24Wedding Bells, Pt.120-May-2000
7.25Wedding Bells, Pt.220-May-2000

 Season 8 (October 7, 2000 - May 19, 2001)
Episode No.Episode TitleOriginal Airdate
8.1Home of the Brave7-Oct-2000
8.2Deadly Situation14-Oct-2000
8.3White Buffalo21-Oct-2000
8.4The Avenging Angel28-Oct-2000
8.5The Winds of Change, Pt. 14-Nov-2000
8.6Lazarus, Pt. 211-Nov-2000
8.7Turning Point, Pt. 318-Nov-2000
8.8Retribution, Pt. 425-Nov-2000
8.9Child of Hope9-Dec-2000
8.11Golden Boy6-Jan-2001
8.12Desperate Measures20-Jan-2001
8.13Division Street3-Feb-2001
8.14Saturday Night10-Feb-2001
8.15Justice for All17-Feb-2001
8.166 Hours14-Apr-2001
8.17Medieval Crimes21-Apr-2001
8.19Unsafe Speed28-Apr-2001
8.20Without a Sound28-Apr-2001
8.21Blood Diamonds5-May-2001
8.22Reel Rangers5-May-2001
8.23The Final Show/Down, Pt. 119-May-2001
8.24The Final Show/Down, Pt. 219-May-2001

Chuck Norris in Trial by Fire
Title : Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire
Year : 2005
Release Date : October 16, 2005
Country : USA (CBS)
Filming Locations : City Hall - 1500 Marilla Street, Dallas, Texas, USA
Production Company : Norris Brothers Entertainment
Production Company : Paramount Television
Production Company : The Rudy Grief Company
Distributors : Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
Photo Gallery : "Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire" Photo Gallery

Synopsis : Captain Walker investigates a murder connected with a missing government weapon. In addition, he tries to track down a teen on the run from a crime syndicate. Elsewhere, Alex is the prosecutor on a case involving an unlikely suspect, a Texas Ranger who is on trial for murdering a woman he just met.

Chuck Norris .... Capt. Ranger Cordell Walker
Sheree J. Wilson .... Alex Cahill
Judson Mills .... Ranger Francis Gage
Andre Kristoff .... Ranger Rhett Harper
Janine Turner .... Ranger Kay Austin
Bret Loehr .... Jeremy Hopkins
Steven Williams .... Detective Mike Burton
Bruce Locke .... Blue Eye
Mitchel Musso .... Josh Whitley
Ned Vaughn .... Garrett Evans
Brady Coleman .... Judge Finch
Danilee Kelly Norris .... Angela Walker
Charles Baker .... Herman Van Horne
Kit Gwin .... Mrs. Whitley
Darryl Cox .... Aaron Gordon
Denise Lee .... Willa Gaines
Glenn Morshower .... Reed Larkin
Maggie Myatt .... Dee Dee Michaels
Derek Southers .... Clete Tyson
Clarence Gilyard Jr. .... James Trivette (as Clarence Gilyard)
Marshall R. Teague .... Derek Gibbs
Timothy Vahle .... Adam Hopkins
Laurel Whitsett .... Nancy Chadway
Alan Ackles .... Delta Vee, CEO
Steve M. Clark .... Ranger John
Ilram Choi .... Kwon
Arnold Chon .... Rhee
Selena Gomez .... Julie
Grover Coulson .... Daniel
Meagan Norris .... Liz
Brett Brock .... Bartender
Stephen Brodie .... Driver
Sean Hennigan .... Admiral
Bentley Mitchum .... Lab Technician
Rosa Nichols .... Office Worker
Mike Norris .... Delta Vee Security
Candice Preau .... Court Witness
Tony Seagroves .... Bar Manager
Eric Shackelford .... Warren's Buddy
Craig Taylor .... Drug Dealer
Cheo Solder ....
Jason Carroll .... Rookie Ranger
Deborah Gibson .... Bus Passenger
Spencer Gray .... Biker
Micaela Johnson .... Dancer
Gwendolynn Murphy .... Dancer
Nadia Whittle .... Assistant Reporter
Dione Wigginton .... Dancer
Craig Cole .... Reporter #1 (uncredited)
Bruce Stewart .... Texas Ranger (uncredited)
Aaron Norris .... Director
John Lansing .... Writer
Bruce Cervi .... Writer
Fernando Arguelles .... Cinematographer
Chuck Norris .... Executive Producer
Aaron Norris .... Executive Producer
Leslie Greif .... Executive Producer
Leslie Stout Glennon .... Associate Producer
Rick W. Tucker .... Producer
Kevin Kiner .... Original Music

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