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Chuck Norris Ultimate Fan Website.

The 3rd Anniversary

The legend is born by the true story....."The 3rd Anniversary".
"Congratulation message from the friends in the world."

from Walker Site Manager : Mrs. Pinkster

from Chucks Angels
We would like to remind you of this upcoming event. Teru's & Tika's Website Anniversary! Date: Friday, March 1, 2003 Time: All Day March 1st- Happy Anniversary to the BEST website on Chuck Norris in Japan!

from Chucks Angels Moderator : Mrs. Barbie Graham
Wishing Tika & Teru a early Website Anniversary!

from Aaron Norris Fan Club President : Ms. Marisa Smith
Many congratulations Teru! From a fellow webmaster! You do wonderful work! And it's always great! Congrats on a third anniversary!

from Aaron Norris Fan Club Representative of the U.S.A Eastern Coast : Mrs. Mary Ann Mousley
CONGRATULATIONS, today is the big day....Happy Anniversary to this web site, Teru and Tika....this site is the greatest, I love coming here and seeing everything about our hero, Mr. Chuck Norris!!

from Italy : Mrs. Rita
Hurra for the best web site about Chuck happy anniversary.

from America : Ms. Meme
teru..congrad's on your anniversay..

from America : Mrs. Angie
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Here's to many more years and lots more Chuck information!

from Spain : Mr. Julio
Happy Anniversary of web site.

from Japan : Mr. Jinichiro
Teru san and staffs, congratulations on your 3rd anniversary. I am also one of fans next to Mite san, who feels honored to have been a part of this site since the very beginning. I hope it continues to grow widely as one of the best Chuck Norris websites in the world.

from Japan : Mrs. Yukiko
We have many things to celebrate in March. First one is, cf course Chuck's 63rd birthday, and the second one is this site's anniversary. It's been almost two years since I started joining here but I'd never thought I would be this huge fan! I enjoy communicating with many people gathering here, thanks to a considerable amount of effort Teru san and staffs have been making to entertain all of us. Thank you very much.

from Japan : Mr. Mite
Teru san and everyone else, congratulations on our 3rd anniversary! This site is truly devoting to Chuck more than any site else in the world and spreading real "Chuckism"! I look forward to continuous growth of the site and having more are more anniversaries to come! Thank you Teru san!

from Japan : Mr. Yasuakie
Teru san and staff people, happy anniversary! I admire people like Teru san who are really aspiring for something positive. I feel his passion devoted to this site, which I are most appealed to.

from Japan : Mr. Mocchi
Happy 3rd anniversary, Teru san! Keep up with good work and make the site last for years and years!

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