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Bells of Innocence

Chuck Norris in 'Bells of Innocence'
Title : Bells of Innocence
Year : 2003
Release Date : 6 April 2003
Country : USA(Norris Film Works)
Filming Locations : Dallas, Texas, USA
Detailed Introduction : The Internet Movie Database
Production Company : Norris Film Works
Production Company : Media World Studios
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Synopsis : The Unified Church of Flower Mound, Texas takes great pride in its far-reaching missionary work, as does their pastor, JONATHON SPENCER, who has left to spread the word of God to the downtrodden, deep in the state of Coahuila, Mexico. His church near completion, Jonathon has requested a shipment of bibles to be flown to his "site of salvation".
Chosen for this seemingly simple journey are CONRAD, an upstanding citizen of the church, OREN, a humorous and fast-talking sporting goods distributor, and JUX, a hard-living "legal fringe" dwelling pilot provided to transport the bibles to their destination.

Belles of Innocence While in flight and just short of what they believe to be the Texas/Mexico border, the plane develops engine trouble. Unable to compensate for the malfunction, Jux must ditch into the desert. Stranded in a "no man's land", hope comes to them in the form of a desolate township by the name Ceres, Texas (population:800) A town located this side of nowhere with an appearance lost somewhere in the nineteenth century.

Following a cold reception by a standoffish populace, the three meet up with DIANA, a friendlier, yet guarded woman, who leads them to a man who may be able to help them escape their predicament. The man, MATTHEW, a wry, brash horse rancher with a philosophical sense of humor, has a radio and allows them to use it. The radio fails after Conrad reports his location. A location that most of the outside world has never heard. Convinced that help is on the way, the three agree to stay in town to wait for outside assistance. While there, the surreal surrounds them with a flurry of unexplained occurrences and bizarre personalities. Their reality takes a further step back when a fearfulDiana explains to them that evil, namely Lucifer, has taken root in Ceres and its vile presence and influence has spawned a malevolence far more ominous than anything they have ever read about or experienced.

Belles of Innocence Although odd, the townsfolk do not appear to the three to be as wicked and deprived as what was explained to the three. They appear quiet, protective and "backwards", but not offensive. They appear to quite meek until the night the three are invited to a town party and forced to experience horrific, drug-induced psychotic nightmares. Nightmares that question their faith in themselves and their faith in God. In the midst of this satanic ordeal, the three discover what would be a rebirth in their faith. A new level of understanding bestowed upon them by God. An understanding so powerful that it repels the undermining wickedness that surrounds them. So powerful, that they find themselves with supernatural gifts that enable them to escape their captors.

With nowhere to escape to, they find themselves at Matthew's ranch. Although graced byGod, the three are puzzled by their abilities and why God has chosen to grant them acknowledgement. Matthew explains to them that Ceres is no ordinary town, he is no ordinary rancher and the three are no ordinary men.

Belles of Innocence The three discover that Ceres, once known St. Augustine Mission, was overrun by commancheros in the 1800's. Those not killed in the raid where forced to perform unspeakable acts that welcomed bowels of hell to surface and thrive. It was these acts that transformed the children of the mission into the soulless individuals of Ceres. Matthew also reveals that he is an angel. An angel who is not to interfere with the affairs of man nor the progression of evil that mounts. He is there to enlighten those chosen by God. It is Conrad, Owen and Jux he is to enlighten for they have a mission. Their mission is to launch an assault on the minions of Lucifer that hold this town in its impious grip. They are to bring to a close the lineage of evil by offering up their devout souls to save the innocent children from a servitude to damnation. A damnation that has prepared for the very eve of the chosen ones, for it is a very special eve. It is the eve of Armagghedon.

Armed only with their faith in God, the three find themselves in a chess game between good and evil. Each man's personality brings forth both strengths and weaknesses in this final battle for salvation.
Mike NorrisMike Norris .... Jux Jonas
David WhiteDavid A.R. White .... Conrad Champlain
Carey ScottCarey Scott .... Oren Ames
Chuck NorrisChuck Norris .... Matthew
Marshall R. Teague .... Joshua Ravel
Scarlett McAlister .... Dianna
Grant James .... Emeritus
Gabby Di Ciolli .... Lyric
Scotty Veale .... Jeremy
Tony Arbelaez .... Minion
Julie Arebalo .... Alecia Champlain
Geoffrey Betts .... Minion
Sara Bijan .... Young Mother
Jon Paul Burkhart .... Cafe Patron
Ilram Choi .... Minion
Alyssa Joy Cook .... Featured Sad Girl
Alyssa-Jane Cook .... Alyssa Cook
Cody Cook .... Cult Kid
Drew Cook .... Cult Kid
Katrina Cook .... Bartender
Tara Di Leva .... Maria Ames
John Elliott .... Minion
Roy Empfield ....
Tierce Green .... Minion
Mathew Greer .... Pastor Bellows
Terry L. Harris .... Minion
Todd Jenkins .... Minion
James LaMarr .... Minion
Cindy Michelle .... Emeritus'Mother
Dallas Morris .... Minion
Marcus Moziek .... Franklin
Dennis O'Neill .... Priest
Ricky Rivera .... Minion
Cory Smith .... Minion
Robert F. Cawley .... Churchgoer
Marie Del Marco .... Church Goer
Cara Gayle Grippin .... Featured Citizen
Bruce Stewart .... Churchgoer
Barry Swindall .... Minion
Alin BijanAlin Bijan .... Director & Producer
Mike NorrisMike Norris .... Executive Producer & Writer
Sonia PourmandSonia Pourmand .... Line Producer
Chris BesseyChris Bessey .... Writer
Hamid ShamsHamid Shams .... Cinematographer

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