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Chuck Norris Ultimate Fan Website.


Blood Brothers2017
The Finisher2015
Code Ninja2014
The Novice2014
The Expendables 22012
The Cutter2005
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (Cameo)2004
Birdie & Bogey (Executive Producer)2003
Bells of Innocence2002
The President's Man: A Line in The Sand (TV)2002
The President's Man (TV)2000
Logan's War: Bound By Honor (TV)1998
Forest Warrior1996
Top Dog1995
The Hitman1991
Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold1990
Hero And The Terror1988
Braddock: Missing In Action 31988
The Delta Force1986
Invasion U.S.A1985
Code of Silence1985
Missing in Action 2: The Beginning1985
Missing in Action1984
Lone Wolf McQuade1983
Forced Vengeance1982
Silent Rage1982
An Eye For An Eye1981
The Octagon1980
A Force of One1979
Game of Death1978
Good Guys Wear Black1978
Breaker! Breaker!1977
Bruce Lee's The Man And The Legend1973
Slaughter In San Francisco1973
The Student Teachers1973
The Way of The Dragon1972
The Wrecking Crew1969
The Green Berets (Martial Arts Performer)1968

Headliners & Legends2001
World Stunt Award2001
Veteran Of The Year2001
Bruce Lee Immortal Dragon (V)2000
"Informal, El"1999
The Path of the Dragon (V)1998
Chuck Norris: Private Lesson (V)1997
The Immortal Masters (V)1996
Heroes Of The Street1995
WWF Survivor Series (V)1994
Kids In The Crossfire1993
Wind In The Wire1993
The course Of The Dragon (V)1993
Combat Karate (V)1992
Dying for a Smoke (V)1992
Deadliest Art: The Best of the Martial Arts (V)1990
Happy Birthday, Bugs!: 50 Looney Years (V)1990
The World's Greatest Stunts1990
Ultimate Stuntman: A Tribute to Dar Robinson1990
The Presidential Inaugural Gala1989
One for the Road1989
Karate Daily Dozen (V)1988
Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos1986
Steve McQueen: Man On The Edge1986
The Making of The Terminator & Missing in Action 21985
The Making of Lone Wolf McQuade1983
The Warrior Within (V)1977

 TV "Starring & Guest Roles"
Walker,Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire (Special #1)2005
The Contender: Tears of Pain and Sorrow (#6)2005
The Contender: Random Acts of Courage (#1)2005
Praise the Lord2004
The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular2003
Yes, Dear: Jimmy and Chuck (#81)2003
Martial Law: Honor Among Strangers (#38)2000
Sons of Thunder: Thunder by Your Side (#6)1999
Sons of Thunder: Lost and Found (#4)1999
Sons of Thunder: Fighting Back (#2)1999
Sons of Thunder: Moment of Truth (#1)1999
Late Show with David Letterman (#650)1996
Late Show with David Letterman (#535)1996
Walker,Texas Ranger (TV Series)1993
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (#4149)1990
Later with Bob Costas: Chuck Norris (#3)1988
Late Night With David Letterman (#979)1988
Room 222: Dreams of Glory (#36)1970

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